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A wide variety of applications

BJD Crushers are employed successfully in a multitude of applications around the world. Select your industry sector from the following list for more details of specific applications.

Aluminium Industry >

  • Ingot scalping reduction for re-smelting
  • Dross processing to reclaim metals
  • Dross processing to free salts
  • Salt cake reduction
  • Pot linings
  • Petroleum coke for manufacture of anodes
  • Bauxite reduction
  • Reduction of carbon butt material
  • Reduction of scrap aluminium for smelting

Animal Feeds >

  • Reduction of various cakes
  • Reduction of food waste for feed

Brick and Tile Industry >

  • Reduction of fired brick or tile
  • Reduction of grog
  • Shale reduction
  • Dry pan tailings

Cement Industry >

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary reduction of limestone
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary reduction of shale
  • Reduction of by-product clays

Chemicals Industry >

  • Fuller’s earth
  • Reduction of talc
  • Reduction of resins

Coal Industry >

Reduction of anthracite, bituminous coal & lignite for the following products/duties:
  • House coal
  • Boiler firing coal
  • Fluidised bed firing
  • Run of mine size reduction
  • Ovoid production
  • Coking coal
  • Coal injection
  • Filtering medium production

Crushed Stone Industry >

Primary, secondary & tertiary reductions to produce the following products:
  • MOT Type 1 sub-bases
  • Pipe beddings
  • Individual size grading
  • Agricultural lime
  • Sinter lime dust
  • Block dust
  • Mine dust
  • Tarmacadam aggregates
  • Concrete aggregates

Fertiliser Industry >

  • Pot ash
  • Phosphate rock
  • Phosphate fertilisers
  • Agglomerated lumps of fertilisers

Food Industry >

  • Production of chocolate crumb
  • Pulping of fruit and vegetables
  • Reduction of food waste for animal feed

Foundry Industry >

  • Reclamation of foundry sand
  • Reduction of graphite electrodes
  • Crucible scrap

Glass Industry >

  • Glass bottles - volume reduction
  • Production of cullet
  • Plate glass

Gypsum Industry >

  • Run of mine gypsum rock
  • Secondary & tertiary reduction of gypsum rock
  • Dry gypsum board for recycling
  • Wet gypsum board for recycling

Laboratory Equipment >

  • Machines for small sample reduction

Lime Industry >

  • Reduction of burnt lime (quicklime) to individual product grading as required by industry

Metals Industry >

  • Reduction of metallic scrap for separation of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Reduction of non-ferrous scrap
  • Reduction of aluminium scrap

Petroleum Industry >

  • Reduction of petroleum cokes
  • Reduction of petroleum shale

Pharmaceutical Industry >

  • Recycling of out of date, non-required pharmaceuticals

Plastics Industry >

  • Recycling of plastic waste
  • Recycling of plastic window & door frames

Power Industry >

  • Reduction of bituminous, sub-bituminous and lignite coals for boiler firing
  • Reduction of coals for fluidised bed boilers
  • Reduction of boiler bottom ash
  • Reduction of boiler fly ash agglomerates
  • Biomass fuels
  • Biomass fuel pellets

Recycling Industry >

  • Catalytic converters - reclamation of platinum and ceramic materials
  • Plastic waste
  • Plastic door frames and windows
  • Tin can densification for transport
  • Rubber crumb from tyres using cryogenics
  • Wood waste
  • Hard core rubble
  • Paper waste for pulping
  • Cardboard waste for pulping

Refractory Industry >

  • Reduction of refractory waste
  • Recycling of used refractories

Steel Industry >

  • Reduction of coal for coke making
  • Reduction of coal for coal injection
  • Production of coolant waste for blast furnace

Waste Effluent Treatment >

  • Reduction of solid waste

WEEE Recycling >

  • Reduction of PCBs for precious metal recovery