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For wet or sticky materials

The well proven BJD range of Mud Hogs is specially designed for reducing wet and sticky materials which, in conventional type crushers, would build up on the interior surfaces and choke the machine.

The simple, but highly effective principle employed in the Mud Hog is an independently driven and constantly moving adjustable breaker plate which ensures that built up material is carried into the path of the hammers and cleared so preventing any bridging of the feed opening.

Since the bottom of the machine remains partially open, material is freely discharged


  • Model range suitable for permanent, mobile, demountable and container systems
  • Capacities up to 1000 TPH depending on duty
  • Flexible machine easily adjustable to give varying product sizes
  • Processes sticky materials with high moisture content (clays to 40%)
  • Crushes and blends in one operation
  • High fines production from shales and stones
  • Mineral liners produced for landfill sites without need to add Bentonite